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July 17, 2018

Archives for September 2013

Automatic Bitcoin Trading Robot Butter-Bot Rising in Popularity – Supporting Trading on MtGox, Bitstamp and BTC-e

Butter-Bot Bitcoin trading robot was launched in early 2013 by Tradcom South America; a South American company established in 2007 specialising in virtual currencies and digital goods. Backed by a professional company, experienced developers and a reliable support team the Butter-Bot Bitcoin trading robot supports automatic Bitcoin trading on MtGox, Bitstamp and BTC-e. The Bitcoin

The Evolving Bitcoin Landscape in Canada

Canada has a thriving Bitcoin ecosystem with a wide range of Bitcoin sites and services having been established; The Bitcoin Catalog, The Canadian Virtual Exchange, The Montreal Bitcoin Embassy and 777Coin – to name just a few. The Bitcoin Catalog is the world’s first print Bitcoin Catalog; featuring over 300 Bitcoin businesses and with the

World’s First Bitcoin Endowment Fund Nears One Hundred Thousand Dollars – Lifeboat Foundation

  Thanks to a large pledge of 500 BTC (Bitcoin) by Brian Cartmell, Lifeboat Foundation’s Bitcoin endowment fund at https://lifeboat.com/ex/bitcoins has soared to nearly $100,000. Brian will match the next 500 BTC donated to Lifeboat Foundation. While the Lifeboat Foundation was founded in the 21st century, until recently it was mainly funded using 20th century money, basically various types of

The Bitcoin Catalog’s Second Print Edition Launches This November – Features Over 500 Bitcoin Businesses Reaching Over 5000 Highly Targeted Bitcoin Readers

  The Bitcoin Catalog duplicates the simplicity of the Yellow Pages for the global Bitcoin community. Launched in May 2013 by Canadian Antony Ferland; The Bitcoin Catalog is the world’s first printed and free digital PDF Bitcoin Catalog featuring over 300 Bitcoin merchants, services and businesses from around the globe. The free PDF version of

Introducing CoinGig – The Amazon For Bitcoin

In April 2013 Florida based Bitcoin ecommerce platform CoinGig was launched with the primary goal of becoming an international online Bitcoin superstore. With ever growing support from users and increasing traffic, CoinGig is becoming a popular alternative to purchase almost anything online with the digital currency Bitcoin. As the Bitcoin equivalent of the online ecommerce

CrookServers accepts Bitcoin as a payment method for its dedicated hosting solutions.

CrookServers provides enterprise level dedicated server hosting at competitive prices and is now accepting Bitcoin as a payment method. Totally reliable, and in complete control, CrookServers makes its premium performance available to Bitcoiners in every corner of the world. CrookServers is built on an infrastructure that includes: optical fibres network connected in double safe circulation;

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