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July 20, 2018

Archives for January 2014

An Exclusive Interview With The EarthCoin Team

We caught up with the EarthCoin dev team, for this exclusive Bitcoin PR Buzz interview with the people behind EarthCoin. The revolutionary, unique vision behind EarthCoin is unveiled as the team bares all: from their own journeys in crypto, to Earthcoin’s partnerships with world changing NGOs, to finding inner peace, to the logic behind Earthcoin’s

Innovative DataCoin (DTC) Features in-Blockchain Secure Data Storage And Revolutionary Web Applications Embedded in DataCoin Blockchain

Disruptive digital currency DataCoin features perpetual, secure and uncensorable data storage in its blockchain, eliminates transaction confirmation wait times, uses CPU mining with the same hashing algorithm as Primecoin, provides revolutionary web apps embedded in the DataCoin blockchain, and serves as its own decentralized autonomous corporation with a built-in business model. Ian Boix, CEO of