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July 22, 2018

Archives for July 2014

Gaming Cryptocurrency HYPER’s Monthly Counter-Strike Competition An Exclusive Interview With The HYPER Dev

What do you plan on achieving with the HYPER Monthly Counter-Strike Blitz? The HYPER Monthly Counter-Strike Blitz is a way for anyone to play Counter-Strike on the HYPER Counter-Strike and HYPER Counter-Strike Global Offensive servers and compete to win a HYPER prize at the end of each month. Currently players earn cryptocurrency HYPER and points

New Bitcoin Exchange Bitcoins Norway Offers Industry Grade Trading While Donating 5% Of Profits To Charity

Newly launched Norwegian Bitcoin exchange platform bitcoinsnorway.com offers fast transaction times with low fees worldwide. The user-friendly site allows members to securely buy, sell and hold Bitcoin and Litecoin. Bitcoins Norway also pledge to give 5% of their profits to reputable charity organisations fighting poverty. Bitcoins Norway values customer service and offers the competence and

On Open Transactions, Cryptocurrency MMOs, Game Incubator Funds, Trading, Gaming, Staking And Investing Crypto – An Interview With The HYPER Dev.

Today Bitcoin PR Buzz presents an interview with the developer of HYPER where you can learn the number of online games HYPER has already sponsored and will continue to sponsor over the coming years, about the Open Transactions project that inspired HYPER, and the views and direction that HYPER is headed.  1. What is HYPER?

Progressive Cryptocurrency Global Denomination Launches Innovative Crypto Social Media Network CryptoConnecta.com With Android App

New cryptocurrency Global Denomination (GDN) implements hashing algorithm X11, fast transaction times of target 1 minute blocks, DigiShield software and instant payments worldwide. Since launching in April Global Denomination has been accepted on six exchanges including Poloniex and Bittrex and voting is ongoing for Global Denomination to become listed on exchanges such as Mintpal and

Newly Launched Cryptocurrency Cryptographic Coin (CRT) is Completely Anonymous And Features Automatic Interest Payments

    Cryptographic Coin (CRT) has integrated advanced technology inspired by ZeroCoin, NovaCoin and PeerCoin, as well as a system that deletes all traces after a transaction making transactions completely and fully anonymous. CRTCoin is already accepted on the exchanges Nix-E, UseCryptos and AllCrypt. The maximum number of Cryptographic Coins to be produced is 100