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July 22, 2018

Archives for October 2014

Umbrella Cryptocurrency Insurance Now Includes Litecoin Coverage In A New Partnership With Poloniex

Press Release: Interim Goal for Umbrella-LTC Price Point is 1:1 with Litecoin. Umbrella continues to make headway in the cryptocurrency space. Fresh off the release of their roadmap, Umbrella expands its insurance fund to cover Litecoin losses, an industry first. Originally designed as an insured cryptocurrency to be mined alongside Litecoin using merged-mining (AuxPOW), Umbrella

Bitcoin Payment Company BitSend Launches GPS Check-in Cryptocurrency Checkcoin CKC

Bitcoin Press Release: Netherlands based Bitcoin payment company BitSend has developed disruptive social cryptocurrency Checkcoin; geared to social media users who “check-in” at locations worldwide. “Checking in” at locations using social media throughout the day is a worldwide phenomenon, and several cryptocurrency enthusiasts in The Netherlands have created new cryptocurrency Checkcoin (CKC) targeting this trend.

Bitcoin And Cryptocurrency Exchange Bitspark.io Launches Securing Cyberport Tech Incubator Seed Capital

Bitcoin Press Release: With $530 000 HKD of matching seed capital from Asian tech incubator Cyberport: Bitspark’s recently launched Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange in open Beta features open source code, cryptographically verifiable audits and a commitment to transparency. Hong Kong based Bitcoin company Bitspark Limited has announced the launch of its public Beta Bitcoin and cryptocurrency

World’s First Cryptocurrency Cyber Thriller: NXT Film Project Stands And Delivers

Bitcoin Press Release: In a world first, the NXT Film Project is raising funding for its Hollywood-grade cyber thriller film via the NXT Asset Exchange: an emerging cryptocurrency crowdfunding platform. Loosely based on real life events, the NXT Film Project is an edgy cyber thriller that deftly narrates cyberbullying conducted using web-based communication technology. The

Eve Online Corporation And Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Betting Launched by Cryptocurrency HYPER

Bitcoin Press Release: Gaming cryptocurrency HYPER continues to make huge strides in breaking down the barriers between cryptocurrency and gaming; establishing an Eve Online Corporation where players can be given 25 HYPER per PVP kill in-game. To join the HYPER Eve Online Corporation players simply submit a request to Corporation “Hyper Crypto” in-game. Plans exist

KORECoin Team Announces KOREPhone Smart Phone

Bitcoin Press Release: Cryptocurrency KoreCoin is introducing revolutionary anonymous VoIP communication system KOREVoIPA, KOREPhone smart phone hardware, together with several other features so far unprecedented in the cryptocurrency space. An alpha version of KOREVoIPA is already available on the website. Pure Proof of Stake Anon (PoSA) cryptocurrency KoreCoin brings a new level of anonymity for

Going Where Bitcoin Can’t: Disruptive Online Gaming Currency HYPER

Los Angeles, Calif. — October 10, 2014 — The HYPER decentralized currency project is pleased to announce a number of promising developments. HYPER is a peer-to-peer digital currency with settlement times 20x faster than Bitcoin. HYPER rewards users who “stake” their wallets by issuing compound interest. The currency’s multi-stage economic model incentivizes users to keep

User-Friendly Bitcoin Alternative Munne Prepares To Launch After Escrow ICO Period

New cryptocurrency Munne, MNE, is preparing for launch with an initial ICO phase secured via escrow with funds held on a reputable cryptocurrency exchange. Munne is encouraging a strong community by already launching Comunne.com, a social media platform for Munne users. The MNE wallet, now in Beta is already available for download with exclusive features

Bitok.com Easy And User-Friendly Cryptocurrency Trading Platform Announces 0% Fees For Deposits & Withdrawals

Oct, 4th , 2014 — Bitok.com, a UK-based fiat and cryptocurrency market exchange, announces zero fee deposit & withdrawal campaign inviting new users to try out the newly-launched service. Bitok.com strives to encourage as many enthusiasts as possible to drive the bitcoin ecosystem and provide the best trading experience available on the market for advanced