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July 22, 2018

Archives for March 2015

National Aten Coin Foundation Accepted Into ABA Aligning Cryptocurrency Aten “Black Gold” Coin with Top Regulatory Agencies

Bitcoin Press Release: In a world first National Aten Coin (NAC), creator of the Aten “Black Gold” Coin – a revolutionary new blockchain based digital currency – was recently accepted into the American Bankers Association (ABA). LAS VEGAS, National Aten Coin (NAC), creator of the Aten “Black Gold” Coin, a revolutionary new form of electronic

$670 000 VC Investment In Licensed Bitcoin Gaming Platform Betkurus, Now Offering World’s First Instant Bitcoin-To-Fiat Deposits

Bitcoin Press Release: Following $670 000 VC investment in parent company DigitalSport Entertainment by Hong Kong-based payments provider CoinMatrix – leading licensed Bitcoin gaming platform Betkurus.com has launched revolutionary instant Bitcoin-to-fiat deposits. Launched in October 2014 by Curacao-based DigitalSport Entertainment; Betkurus.com is one of the few licensed Bitcoin gaming platforms in the world. Betkurus provides

Digital Currency Student Debt Solutions Offered by Bitcoin Alternative DNotes With Long Term Savings Plans For Students

Bitcoin Press Release: DNotes launched the first Cryptocurrency Investment Savings Plan (CRISP) For Students, aimed at providing them multiple solutions and opportunities. Universities, schools and clubs will be apportioned codes allowing enrolled students to register to be awarded 500 free DNotes. Illinois, USA. Market stable cryptocurrency DNotes launches their third long term Cryptocurrency Investment Savings

SFARDS (formerly Gridseed) Announced World’s First 28nm Bitcoin and Litecoin Dual-Algorithm ASIC Tapeout

Bitcoin Press Release: The SF3301 will be the next generation of dual-algorithm mining chips; the world’s first 28nm with the capability to mine SHA-256 and Scrypt simultaneously. The advantages of this ability translate to an extended period of effectiveness for the miner and increased profitability. Beijing, China – Tape out of the company’s 28nm SF3301

In World First Gaming Bitcoin Alternative HYPER Sponsors Indie Game Troll Song And Many More Game Servers

Bitcoin Press Release: Gaming cryptocurrency HYPER is pleased to announce sponsorship of retro adventure game Troll Song; as the first indie game in the world to be sponsored by cryptocurrency. Gamers can also win HYPER playing Counter-Strike, CS:GO, Assetto Corsa Racing, StarMade and more. Essentially, HYPER is a low energy cryptocurrency designed for use in online

Professional Bitcoin Trading Tool Coinigy Receives $100,000 In Seed Funding, Aims To Build Universal Bitcoin Exchange API

  Bitcoin Press Release: Milwaukee, WI, Professional Bitcoin trading platform Coinigy has received $100,000 in seed funding. Coinigy already allows users to trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on up to 24 exchanges simultaneously and is developing a universal exchange API allowing for real-time data, trading and analysis across all markets. Wisconsin-based Bitcoin exchange hub Coinigy

Bitcoin Alternative DNotes Focuses On Banking Solutions And Stability While Venture Capital Investment Continues At Record Breaking Pace

Bitcoin Press Release: Bitcoin high volatilities may have resulted in a slow down in adoption of the currency by large merchants, but venture capital funding continues to pour in at record breaking pace. Meanwhile, DNotes remained as one of the most stable digital currencies with strong focus in providing Banking Solutions and Long Term Appreciation,

As Fraud Cases Reach New Highs Digital Currency DNotes Challenges Legacy Banking System With an Impressive Track Record of Stability and Store of Value

Bitcoin Press Release: As credit card fraud cases reach new highs, the legacy banking system may soon be challenged by Bitcoin Alternative DNotes with an impressive track record of stability and good store of value; two of the most commonly cited reasons that Bitcoin is not a viable threat. There is an inherent tendency for

Licensed UK Based Bitcoin Exchange Platform LazyCoins Launched Early March Serving GBP And Euro Markets With Same-Day Deposits And Withdrawals

Bitcoin exchange platform LazyCoins, took to social media on March 2nd to announce a low profile launch of their licensed (MSB) UK based Bitcoin exchange platform; which was a resounding success. With same day Euro and GBP deposits and withdrawals, LazyCoins has set a new benchmark for legally licensed Bitcoin exchanges serving the Eurozone. In

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