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July 16, 2018

Archives for May 2015

Bitstarz Casino Announces Partnership With iGaming Software Provider FENgaming

Bitcoin Press Release: Bitstarz.com reaches new heights with FENgaming partnership, enabling the casino to add popular NetEnt games. Bitstarz.com already offers over 550 games and super-fast cash outs and zero transaction fees. Bitstarz.com is pleased to announce a partnership with iGaming software provider FENgaming. The new partnership enables BitStarz to add popular NetEnt games to

Bitcoin Alternative DNotes Launches World’s First Digital Currency Employee Incentive Benefits Plan

Bitcoin Press Release: DNotes is pleased to announce the launch of the world’s first Digital Currency Employee Incentive Benefits Plan – the latest in a family of unprecedented digital currency financial instruments from the DNotes team. Chicago, Illinois. [May 25, 2015] – DNotes announces the release of their Employee Incentive Benefits Plan, the latest addition

A Look Into The Future Of An Anonymous Economy

Privacy is a universal right, therefore our transactions and monetary habits should be safeguarded by the financial infrastructure we use on a daily basis. Currently, this is not the case—even with existing digital currencies such as Bitcoin. Payments in Bitcoin are published in an open ledger, the ‘blockchain’. Every Bitcoin transaction includes information such as

Online Bitcoin Conference “Blockchain Solution For Greece” Launches May 20th

  Bitcoin Press Release: London based digital currency consultancy Coinstructors is pleased to announce their latest project “A Blockchain Solution For Greece”; with an online conference open for registrations being held on the 20th May. One Thing Challenge alongside Brian Kelly “Fast Money Commentator” will be moderating a special panel of guests and was already

Interview – Alan Yong of DNotes

Image source: The Man With The Cap. This interview has been republished according to the Creative Commons Writers License, and is the work of Jay-R Gatdula of The Man With The Cap Unlike compensation scams, DNotes is money – digital money that can be saved, transferred, retrieved and spent at a later date. We had the

Coinstructors Proposes Disruptive “Blockchain Solution For Greece” Amid Eurozone Crisis; is Bitcoin 2.0 The Answer

  Bitcoin Press Release: London based digital currency consultancy Coinstructors is pleased to announce their latest project “A Blockchain Solution For Greece”; as well as a partnership with PR firm Bitcoin PR Buzz, and many exciting events, projects, and seminars. Digital Currency consultancy Coinstructors – Hackcoin and online seminars “Mind The Gap Expo” organizers –

Nxt: The Original Bitcoin 2.0 Platform With Smart Contracts, Decentralized Crowdfunding, Open Source and 18 Months of Development

  Bitcoin Press Release: With over 18 months of development, The non-profit Nxt Foundation is pleased to announce many disruptive business and financial applications of Nxt’s blockchain technology: including trustless smart contracts, decentralized crowdfunding, a strong open source ethos and more. Nxt is different. While there are many players in the cryptocurrency 2.0 field, Nxt

UPDATE: CoinCard, The World’s First Crypto-Based Credit Card Met With Strong Response at Launch

Bitcoin Press Release: CoinCard is a bitcoin credit card unprecedented in the cryptocurrency space. The first 1 000 customers Receive Limited Edition, No Fee Cards. Walnut, CA – Cryptocurrencies are evolving as a payment type throughout the world, serving primarily as a peer-to-peer method of conducting financial transactions and as payment device. However, the role

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