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August 20, 2018

Archives for February 2016

Lisk Raises Over 1200 Bitcoin During The First Week – Open Source Dapp & Custom Blockchain Platform

Bitcoin Press Release: Led by a duo of blockchain experts, the open source dapp & custom blockchain platform, will allow developers and programmers worldwide to build, publish, distribute and monetize their decentralized applications with ease. Lisk is now one week into their ICO, and has already raised over 1200 BTC. Lisk aims to revolutionize decentralized

Top Blockchain Advertising Network BitTeaser Shares Revenue With BTSR Holders – Latest OBITS, OpenLedger and CCEDK Initiative

Bitcoin Press Release: BTSR is a new digital token anyone can hold to receive a share of the profits of BitTeaser: the world’s first advertising network planning to integrate MIT Licensed blockchain technology. BTSR is created and hosted by OpenLedger, a decentralized financial platform, and holders of OBITS will also benefit from the revenue generated

BitLox Launches Indestructible Hardware Bitcoin Wallet With Unprecedented Security and Privacy Features

BitLox Press Release: BitLox Limited is now manufacturing the most advanced and secure hardware Bitcoin wallets ever developed. Encased in titanium and aerospace grade alloys, and with never-before-seen privacy and security features including hidden Bitcoin wallet support, duress PIN, AEM, quad password protection, and more. Users can also use iOS and Android apps to manage

ShareBits: Tip Anyone Crypto Tokens via Twitter in Seconds, New Blockchain Tech From BitShares, OpenLedger, CCEDK and Beyond Bitcoin

Bitcoin Press Release: The ShareBits joint initiative between exchange CCEDK and crypto community BeyondBitcoin.org offers individuals, businesses and NGOs the ability to leverage blockchain technology for viral marketing, by distributing crypto tokens easily created on OpenLedger via social media including Twitter and Reddit. Two thought leaders in the crypto space have announced the launch of

Bitcoin Casino LimoPlay Launches World’s First Animated 3D Slot Game ‘Johnny the Octopus’ Based on WebGL

Bitcoin Press Release: At the cutting edge of technological development, Bitcoin casino LimoPlay.com has launched the world’s first animated WebGL 3D slot game ‘Johnny the Octopus’, with stunning animations, and available on all platforms and devices. Bitcoin gaming brand LimoPlay features a luxurious limousine inspired interface and cutting-edge casino games. LimoPlay enables easy and fast

Blockchain Based Dapps Expanse™ Project [EXP] Soars to New Heights in Community Growth, Utility and Volume

Bitcoin Press Release: Expanse volume hit a record high of more than $2.7 Million trading on Poloniex on 2/11/16. The Expanse blockchain enables a stable, borderless technology future featuring a flexible DAO, powerful dApp tools and community collaboration. The 2016 Expanse roadmap is now available, highlighting community focus and detailing new utility. February 15, 2016,

Ethereum Alternative Lisk Announces ICO With ShapeShift – New Open Source Dapp & Sidechain Platform

Bitcoin Press Release: Decentralized applications and sidechain platform Lisk is pleased to announce a partnership with the well established crypto-currency exchange ShapeShift. Set to launch at the end of March 2016, decentralized applications and sidechain platform ‘Lisk’, is the next logical step in the evolution of blockchain technology. Lisk will allow rapid development of decentralized

Create Cryptocurrencies Backed With Real-World Collateral on Decentralized OpenLedger Blockchain

Bitcoin Press Release: The possibilities for innovation are near limitless with OpenLedger offering the option for each and every user to add their own Coin by creating simple IOU’s, SmartCoins that are backed with real-world collateral and/or deploy their own graphene-powered blockchain. Perhaps it’s time for a quick introduction to OpenLedger, the first decentralized exchange

Bitcoin Deposit Platform MyBitDeposit Launches Also Supporting LTC and DASH

  Bitcoin Press Release: MyBitDeposit LLC is the first cryptocurrency deposit company on the Bitcoin trade market that allows multiple deposit options. Bitcoin and cryptocurrency deposit platform MyBitDeposit offers users the opportunity to make bitcoin, litecoin and dash deposits to earn a secure passive income. MyBitDeposit is a transparent company registered in US, contactable by

Bitcoin Mining Platform Bitminer.eu Guarantee 99.9% Up Time and User-Friendly Interface

Bitcoin Press Release: With almost 5000 users, Bitcoin mining platform Bitminer.eu offers the markets easiest mining system. While still allowing access to cutting-edge technology, 99.9% up time and a generous referral program. Bitminer.eu enables users worldwide to mine Bitcoin fast and secure and has since launch in November 2015 gained almost 5000 users. In order

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