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July 17, 2018

Archives for October 2016

Apptrade Announces ICO to Create a ‘Stock Market of Apps’ at Coin Agenda 2016

This year’s Money2020 and CoinAgenda conference in Las Vegas has seen a myriad of colourful start-ups. One such startup caught the eye of Roger Atkins who published the Forbes article “Fintech Apptrade’s ‘Stockmarket Of Apps’ Lures Crowdfund Investors” last Thursday. The company in the spotlight — Apptrade’s ‘Stock market of apps’ is the brainchild of

LEOcoin Community Launches LEOcoin Cryptocurrency Information Mobile Application for Android and iOS

Bitcoin Press Release: LEOcoin, the open source peer-to-peer cryptocurrency platform now has a new mobile app, LEOcoin Info created by the LEOcoin community. October 24, 2016 – LEOcoin Community’s latest mobile application, LEOcoin Info for Android and iOS powered smartphones allows users to access basic information about the cryptocurrency at their fingertips. The LEOcoin Info

ICOs Going Mainstream: OpenLedger Invites Pre-investment to 3 New ICOs

OpenLedger is making ICOs mainstream with 3 new startup ICOs, each targeting a non-cryptocurrency market. Apptrade is creating a stock market for apps, Centz aims to make all gift cards interchangeable and spendable anywhere, while Beyond the Void is making a MOBA game economy controlled by the players. OpenLedger is offering institutions and investors the chance to

Vulture Capital Announces New Developments Following its Cryptocurrency Crowdfunding Initiative

Bitcoin Press Release: Vulture Capital (VCAP) crowdfund puts the first ever cryptocurrency funded film on track, introduces film industry to cryptocurrency. October 21, 2016, New York – Hedley Productions is happy to announce its success in introducing cryptocurrency to the film industry through its VCAP crowdfunding campaign. The VCAP campaign has so far raised the

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