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August 20, 2018

Archives for January 2017

Cryptocurrency Platform Byteball Schedules Second Round of Distribution for February Full Moon

Bitcoin Press Release: Byteball, a revolutionary cryptocurrency platform will soon distribute more bytes to Bitcoin community members and existing bytes holders. January 31, 2017, Moscow, Russia – The next generation cryptocurrency platform, Byteball will soon embark on the next round of token distribution. The second round, scheduled for the next full moon, i.e. February 11,

The Cryptocurrency Media Market Leader CoinPoint Launches Free Bitcoin Campaign

Bitcoin Press Release: The Australian Bitcoin media and marketing agency, CoinPoint is launching the “Free Bitcoin” campaign for ICE and LAC conferences in London. January 31, 2017- CoinPoint, the market leader in Bitcoin media space, with customers from mining, gambling, trading and processing sectors has announced the upcoming Free Bitcoin campaign. The campaign for ICE

BCC Cryptocurrency Exchange Launches in Record Time Following Successful Completion of BitConnect Coin ICO

Bitcoin Press Release: BitConnect Coin (BCC), a cryptocurrency created by BitConnect.co enters next phase of development supported by its own proprietary BCC Exchange. January 30, 2017 – BitConnect.co, the team behind BitConnect Coin (BCC) takes pleasure in announcing the completion of its successful ICO. The ICO saw community members buying over 1 million BCCs, paving

YoCoin Launches a Decentralized Blockchain-Based Insurance Platform

Bitcoin Press Release: YoCoin Insurance is an insurance platform on blockchain that issues all kinds of smart contract backed policies and bonds. January 30, 2017, Bangkok, Thailand – The creators behind peer-to-peer YoCoin digital currency has announced the launch of YoCoin Insurance, a decentralized blockchain-based insurance platform. The YoCoin Insurance platform exploits various features of

‘Shark Tank’ Backed Blockchain Fantasy Game ‘Augmentors’ Launches ICO, Raises 250 BTC in 6 hours

Bitcoin Press Release: Augmentors, a unique augmented reality mobile game backed by Bitcoin blockchain offers a realistic fantasy gaming experience. January 30, 2017, Los Altos, California — Augmentors, a game created by Michael Deon is the first ever Blockchain-based augmented reality game in existence. The game, backed by some of the leading investors from Shark

ReferralCoin Strengthens Network Marketing Industry, Invites Investors to Join the Revolution

Bitcoin Press Release: ReferralCoin, the one of a kind cryptocurrency for network marketing is now available for investors. They can buy it to be part of the revolution. January 25, 2016, London, England – The organization behind ReferralCoin, Referral Foundation is in the process of introducing the state-of-the-art blockchain technology to the $178 billion-dollar network

Cryptocurrency Enabled ChronoBank Blockchain Platform Prepares to Launch LaborX Exchange

Bitcoin Press Release: Time-based cryptocurrency initiative, ChronoBank is introducing LaborX exchange to connect workers and businesses on a peer-to-peer basis. January 20, 2017, Sydney, Australia – The blockchain platform utilizing time-based cryptocurrency for short-term labor hire market, ChronoBank is soon launching its LaborX crypto-exchange. The platform, backed by Australia’s leading labor hire company Edway Group

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