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July 17, 2018

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What Is SpankChain?

Click here to view original web page at themerkle.com There has always been a certain association between cryptocurrency, blockchain, and the adult entertainment industry. Various adult websites accept Bitcoin payments these days, simply because it makes a lot of sense. SpankChain is looking to merge this industry with a blockchain-based infrastructure. Now is a good

The Internet of Assets: Financial Market Evolution

Click here to view original web page at www.coinspeaker.com Blockchain-based FinTech startup BANKEX is building a Proof-of-Asset protocol (PoA), a standard that enables a new generation of assets and contracts creating Decentralized capital markets. With the emergence of Bitcoin and the first blockchain back in 2008 there have been multiple projects trying to disrupt their

Richard Browning Flies at 32 MPH in Iron Man Suit

Click here to view original web page at themerkle.com With so much progress being made in the world of science and technology, it is not surprising that we would see some very strange developments from time to time. Power suits capable of flight are not all that uncommon these days. A new Guinness World Record

The Race To Ban Or Regulate Bitcoin And ICOs

Click here to view original web page at www.forbes.com Bitcoin on October 24, 2017. (Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images) The race to regulate the cryptocurrency and the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) market has hit full stride. It’s more of a marathon than a sprint, with hurdles. In recent months over 30 global regulators announced their

Top banks and R3 build blockchain-based payments system

Click here to view original web page at www.reuters.com LONDON (Reuters) – Fintech firm R3 and 22 of the world’s biggest banks have together developed an international payments system that would allow existing central bank currencies and any new digital ones to be transacted via the blockchain, R3 said on Tuesday. A copy of bitcoin

How to Promote Your ICO with Coinzilla

Click here to view original web page at www.newsbtc.com Fintech is booming. And with it, more and more ICOs appear every single day. 2017 should be known as the year when ICOs took off. But it’s really so simple to create a successful ICO now? Not at all. Have no worries though, Coinzilla is here

“We’re Back”- China’s Largest Crypto Traders Are Relocating

Click here to view original web page at www.zerohedge.com How things change in crypto – in January 2017, before the crackdown by the authorities, China accounted for nearly 100% of bitcoin trading… In the “golden era” of Chinese crypto trading, mainland operators built up considerable expertise before they were forced out of business. Some of

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