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July 16, 2018

blockchain technology

Dashing Forward – BANKEX Develops World’s First Working Plasma-like Protocol Bringing Vitalik Buterin’s Idea to Life

The BANKEX technical team has recently announced they have developed the world’s first private blockchain that supports the Plasma Protocol for public audit which will allow users to transfer different assets directly to each other leaving intermediaries behind and solving one of the most pressing problems of the current crypto world – high gas consumption.

EY to Host 3 Day Blockchain Hackathon in India

EY is hosting its first Hackathon in Mumbai on July 28, 2017. The three-day event will focus on creating prototypes and finding solutions using the blockchain ecosystem. Following in the footsteps of tech giants such as Microsoft and IBM, EY now plans to hold such blockchain centric events in various offices across the world. Meanwhile,

Bajaj Displays the Potential of Blockchain Technology to Revolutionize Indian Manufacturing Sector

  Bajaj Electricals and Yes Bank have implemented a blockchain-based vendor financing solution for real-time settlement. Read more…   In recent days, the Indian government has been making a hard push to strengthen the country’s manufacturing sector with its “Make in India” campaign. While this campaign encourages companies and entrepreneurs to manufacture things within the

INVICTUS Develops e-Procurement Platform Based on IBM Blockchain

Photo: Bloomberg Singapore-based fintech start-up, INVICTUS, is collaborating with IBM to leverage its blockchain technology for their Order, Logistic & Payment (OLP) platform. The platform goals are to help firms streamline their transaction processes and disrupt the traditional ERP systems market with a smart contracts solution. “INVICTUS offers more than an e-procurement platform. We focus