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July 21, 2018


DNotes Prepares to Introduce DNotes 2.0 Upgrade, Launches New Bitcointalk Forum

Bitcoin Press Release: Blockchain platform, DNotes announces the launch of its Bitcointalk Forum, new software upgrades to follow soon. May 22, 2017, Chicago, IL – DNotes has announced that its upcoming DNotes 2.0 upgrade will include innovative features and applications relating to smart contracts, blockchain technologies, mobile applications, and global payments systems. The upgrade is

DNotes Launches New Website – Aims to Bridge the Gap Between Centralized and Decentralized Worlds

Bitcoin Press Release: The new, updated DNotes website is user-friendly and reflects the latest developments in the blockchain platform and its various initiatives. May 12, 2017, CHICAGO, Illinois – After a period of relative silence as the DNotes team migrated from ecosystem building to technology development; the company recently launched its new website – showcasing