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July 22, 2018


Lykke To Support ERC20 Tokens In Latest Lykke Wallet Release

Lykke, a Swiss FinTech company building a global marketplace on the blockchain, announced that the update to the Lykke Wallet mobile application supports ERC20 tokens. ERC20 is a standard for highly programmable digital tokens, or “smart contracts.” Introduced by Ethereum in 2015, ERC20 has since become the predominant ICO technology. Members of the Lykke community…

Ethereum’s Annual Conference: Devcon Three Focuses on Scalability

Ethereum’s annual developer conference, devcon three, concluded one week ago in Cancun, Mexico, with well over a thousand attendees. The four-day event included some intriguing talks such as numerous presentations highlighting the humanitarian use cases of blockchain technology, details on the scaling approaches for Ethereum and progress in the wider Ethereum ecosystem. Here we detail

Neuromation Won a Prize on d10e in Gibraltar

Malaga, Spain — Neuromation became a winner at the d10e in Gibraltar, also receiving third place and one third of the $100,000 prize pool — $33,000 from the judges of the investors conference. Constantine Goltsev, founder of Neuromation and David Orban, advisor, received an award. It’s Neuromation’s second win at the d10e international conference, which

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