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July 19, 2018


Knowledge.io’s “Proof of Knowledge” Helps Learners Prove Their Value

Bitcoin Press Release:  Learning solutions startup Knowledge.io has revealed the world’s first blockchain-based platform to measure the value of knowledge, with two months to its pre-sale event on January 15th,2018. The Knowledge platform features a unique ecosystem that shares and rewards knowledge encouraged by gamified learning. November 21, 2017 Ohio, USA – Knowledge.io’s revolutionary platform could be the new standard

Louisiana State Regulatory Registry Picks New Chairman for Efforts That Will Affect Blockchain Industry

State of Louisiana picks a new chairman to spearhead its CSBS Vision 2020 which aims to modernize state regulation of non-banks, including financial technology firms. Louisiana Office of Financial Institutions Commissioner John Ducrest was named as the new Chairman of the Board of Managers of the State Regulatory Registry. The Office of Financial Institutions (OFI)

The OCC has just taken another step toward a national fintech charter

  Today it released a draft of the licensing manual supplement that will be used by fintech companies digital currency and blockchain companies among them to understand and engage in the process of becoming a chartered special purpose national bank (often called a Fintech Charter). The draft manual echos and clarifies previous statements from the